Recent Testimonials

I’ve known Ui for several years now. I’ve gotten fantastic workouts from her classes. Ui’s teaching style is fun, friendly and encouraging. She creates a welcoming environment and is great at teaching even the most uncoordinated individual! I recently participated in her Hot Hula class and didn’t realize until later what a grueling workout I had just received. I was sweating a lot, my abs were on fire and I left that class wanting more.
Ui’s special gift in healing therapy is also phenomenal! I had my Dad visit with Ui for a Reiki session. My Dad is one of those skeptical individuals, but came away from the experience less stressed, more relaxed and more open to this type of energy healing. He had complained of some body pains prior to the visit and that pain dissipated after meeting up with her. I have also had amazing meetings with Ui. It is uncanny how she will focus in on a particular body part and ask if there was or has been an issue with it. She is almost always spot on in detecting what part of me is in distress and is magnificent at applying her magical touch whether its through Reiki or use of her singing bowls to alleviate and neutralize the negative energy. All of my experiences with Ui, whether its a workout class or spiritual/energy healing has all been positive. I highly recommend Ui and Hibiscus Health and Healing Arts if you are looking into improving your physical, spiritual and mental health!



Trying reiki for the first time was an enlightening and peaceful experience. I’m on a journey to do more self-care and doing a reiki session was just what I needed. I look forward to another session with Uilani.



Uilani is awesome, she is really passionate about how Reiki can improve a person’s wellbeing. My 14 yr. old daughter been struggling, coughing so hard to clear her throat/lungs daily for a while. Ui did Reiki healing on her & after she did it, my daughter felt so relaxed, she mentioned that she actually felt it. Ui’s Reiki healing can work wonders. The next day I didn't hear her cough once. I highly recommend Ui to all who wants to experience Reiki and feel the benefits of this truly self healing can do. mahalo Ui, you are amazing !..🙏🌺



With all the craziness going on I’m sure a lot
of you are feeling scared, anxious, stressed, sad, and on the verge of a panic attack! I myself have had all these feelings walking into the hospital for work to the point I was starting to feel sick and run down. I started doing some reiki with my sister in Seattle and it has helped me tremendously! My asthma that has been flared up since December, has disappeared! No more coughing either! If anyone is interested in a reiki session, check out my sisters page and contact her. It doesn’t matter where you live she does distance reiki and it is just as effective. Let her help you clear your energy, remove any negative vibes, and offer her healing energy to heal you!


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I have participated in Uilani's workouts/classes for a few years. She makes the classes fun, makes you sweat, no intimidating feelings and has you challenge yourself to the next level (at your own pace that you are comfortable with). The variety of different workouts keeps it interesting and I have tried workouts/classes I may not have otherwise.