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My name is Uilani and I am so excited that you have found your way to my website. Welcome to Hibiscus Health and Healing Arts LLC. This is a place where you can address your overall wellbeing by focusing on your health and wellness through the Healing Arts, Intuitive Arts and Fitness. I offer fitness classes, Reiki sessions, Shamanic Healing, Past Life Regression, Sound Healing, Meditation, and Intuitive Light Coaching. Read on if you are interested in finding out more about the unusual path my life took to get me to where I am today. Have a wonderful day!

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My Unusual Story

I am a medical speech-language pathologist (SLP) and have been a practicing SLP for 19 years. Somewhere in those 19 years, my unusual journey started. My journey forced me to step outside of my box, face my fears, reconnect with my culture and my ancestors, realize that what I was told as a child was not just a family story and expand on those abilities I learned about in that family story. This journey has taken me, challenged me, shaped and molded me into someone who has grown and expanded in every possible way. This path has taken me from SLP to fitness instructor to Reiki Master to Angel Intuitive to Shamanic Practitioner to Past Life Regressionist to Personal Trainer to Intuitive Transformational Coach, all while remaining grounded in the notion of who I am, where I came from, and where I am now in my journey. So much has happened to me during this journey but I am going to focus on the important events here.

In 2017, I met a wonderful woman who is now a dear friend. She made me realize my abilities as a healer which ran through my ancestry. This historical trait is well-known in my family but I was surprised that my friend was able to pick up on that. She talked about things I experienced when I was younger and how it was a clue to the fact that I am sensitive to energy. She jump started my journey at that point and I delved into the field of energy work and psychic abilities. I met so many phenomenal people along the way that positively impacted my journey and my learning which led to becoming certified in Reiki, Angel Intuitive, Shamanic Healer, and Past Life Regressionist.


In 2019, I took a manifested trip to Egypt with my dad. I say it was manifested as I did not have to pay for that trip which lasted 2.5 weeks. It was marvelous. It was a spiritual journey, a reconnection, and a connection with a past life. During my time there, I was introduced to my first Hibiscus tea and Hibiscus juice. Absolutely delicious. I was surprised to see how the Hibiscus flower is enjoyed by the people of Egypt and how it is also the state flower of my home state, Hawaii. The Hibiscus became a spiritual connection for me, connecting my spiritual journey in Egypt with my home in Hawaii. It became a strong symbol for me representing my "spiritual journey" home. This is where the Hibiscus in the business name came from. The hummingbird is a spirit animal I often see either in my own backyard or on shamanic journeys. The hummingbird represents joy and happiness. It lifts my spirits whenever I see this beautiful bird. It was a natural connection for me to bring the Hibiscus together with the hummingbird. The meaning behind these two symbols runs deep within me and now you know how special these symbols are to me and the memories and emotions they bring to me.


Hibiscus Health and Healing Arts LLC gives me the opportunity to help other people in the best way I can using the abilities I have. This truly brings me joy when I am able to help others in this way. It is my hope that I will be able to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.




Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere - Chinese Proverb -


Reiki Master Teacher

Angel Intuitive and Medium

Shamanic Practitioner

Past Life Regressionist

Atma Buti® Sound Healing Practitioner in Training

ACE-Certified Group Fitness Instructor


U-Jam Fitness


Kickboxing Cardio

BodyWorks plus Abs

Turbo Kick


Barre Above

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Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to connecting with you.