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Manifestation 2021

Aloha! Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! (#HappyNewYear!) Happy 2021 to all! This is a new year. #Newbeginnings. We just passed through the first New Moon of 2021. A time for #manifesting what you want to bring into your reality this year. I found myself taking the time to contemplate this during the first half of January. It took me a while to think about what I wanted to #manifest because of the myriad thoughts that crossed my mind. Thoughts of what I wanted, thoughts of what I needed. It took some time to focus my thoughts together into one comprehensive cohesive thought form. I found myself digging deep into my #soul or #innerself to find out what really mattered most to me at this time. Three words came to mind for manifesting this year: #learning, #writing and #success, in that order.

Learning made sense to me. I believe that there is always room for growth and improvement. Learning is the vehicle to bring about that growth which can impact the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being. There are numerous learning opportunities available to us through formal classes, informal interaction, or independent learning. Our interactions with people, nature, animals, and environment are all learning experiences that can impact our body and mind. Books are another great way to learn and expand our thought process outside of our existing proverbial box. How far you go with your learning experience is controlled by you. You determine the method and the amount of time you want to devote to learning. You control your learning experience.

Writing. Can I be quite honest? I hated writing growing up. A book report, research paper, an essay. I am sure these terms bring up past emotions of how it felt to complete one of these assignments. Writing was the method used to show the teacher that I understood the concept being taught. Whether I liked it or not, it was REQUIRED. It was necessary if I wanted to pass the class. I hated writing from that aspect. Today I find myself writing this Blog. How has the concept of writing changed for me? If I had to write a research paper, I would still hate the process. How is the writing of this blog different? It is the perspective that has changed for me. It is no longer a requirement to write. Writing has become a connection for me. A #connection to my soul, my inner self. It brings to the surface that which is most valuable to me at any given time.

The tendency is to go straight to the brain when we problem solve or prioritize. It is quicker and easily accessible. You just have to think about it. It is the logical thinker, most of the time. I found that my brain would be my initial go-to when I wanted to figure something out. This included determining what my priorities are. Finances, career, family, self. It is interesting that those words came to me in that order when using the brain to determine priorities. When I focus on my heart, those #priorities are reversed. I wanted to find a physical way to connect with my heart, my soul, my inner self.

Writing makes me set aside time in a quiet environment and connect with my heart. Writing becomes a physical way of establishing that connection. It is hard to explain the strong connection I feel when I write at this moment. It is strong and it is deep. This is the reason writing is one of the things I am focusing on in 2021. It is not just the task of writing. It is the establishment and strengthening of my connection to my soul.

‘Success’ is on my list of manifestation. #Success is something that we all strive for each day whether we focus on it or not. It seems to be the basis of our daily functioning. We drive to work hoping to be successful and move forward even though we may not know what our workday has in store for us at that moment. We have a good day when we are successful with something. We all want to be successful in every aspect of life. Success usually revolves around finance, career, or some type of project or goal. My brain tended to view success as making money or moving up the career ladder. As I connected with my inner self to contemplate what was important to me, I realized that my definition of success was different.

Success to me was being able to do what my heart enjoys. Helping others, connecting with my inner self and my higher self (we will talk about the higher self another time), putting myself out there without concern of what others think. The money did not matter. Career was not in the picture either. #Whatmatters is what makes me happy in my heart and not caring what other people think. #Noperfectionism. No rules. No worrying about pleasing others with the outcome. Ultimately it is being #truetomyself and doing what makes my heart happy. Achieving this will make 2021 successful for me.

What do you want to manifest for 2021? Take time to turn inward to your heart (not your brain) and contemplate what is most important to you. Does this impact what you choose to manifest this year? Manifest what is important to you. May your 2021 manifest your dreams and be filled with innumerable blessings.

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